Our Concept

The vision for Crystal Waters was inspired in a return visit to my childhood town.

One Sunday afternoon, my father and I were indulging our love for the water on my grandfather’s namesake fishing boat, Captain Pantazis. Out at sea amidst the Greek Ionian islands, Scorpios behind us and in the headwinds to Nikiana, we spotted the perfect location for a residential resort development.

Right there, against the backdrop of the Skaros Mountains, we created Crystal Waters Lefkada, true to the superlative offering the team has delivered across Europe for the last 40 years.

Today, Crystal Waters exudes the spirit of the Lefkada community I encountered in the course of my international travels; after all they too helped bring it to life.

Crystal Waters continues to grow with schemes in London, Dubai , Athens, Santorini, Tinos and Sofia.

Intimate in scale, distinctly unusual and full of personality, each Crystal Waters destination has its own story to tell. Drawing on timeless traditions, immersive cultural experiences, and of course the signature Euroterra Capital luxury.

Pantazis Therianos 
Founder of Crystal Waters, Chief Executive Officer at Euroterra Capital

Contemporary Tradition

Celebrating a rich heritage and preserving local traditions through modern design.

Multi-cultural Exchange

An intelligent platform for business, social and cultural exchange, bringing our members together to realise common aspirations.

The Club

The Members’ Club network extends across all Crystal Waters locations and mixes old school glamour with european eccentricism.


The Crystal Waters experience is a heady mix of customs and cuisines enhanced by a team of award winning chefs delivering gastronomic thrills, preparing local foods in the traditional way with a personalised twist.

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